Facebook, Inc. recently announced at its annual #F8 conference that it would introduce a new feature called the Secret Crush by the end of this year.

The launch of this new feature by Facebook led to a surge in conversation volumes, in the order of more than 1K conversation, within a very short span of time. Social media dwellers were seen expressing their excitement over the launch of this new feature by the brand. The social media community was seen talking about how this new feature was similar to other #dating platforms. Many spoke about this feature enabling people to know who from their #friend’s list wishes to be romantically involved with them. Enthusiasts discussed the pros and cons of the new feature on social media.

 Large number of industry experts expressed their opinion on the new feature, pointing out how #diversification was the key to #modern day businesses and facebook, through the launch of this new feature, is just reinventing itself. Major news outlets like, CNN(@CNN), Forbes (Forbes), Bloomberg (@business) brought attention around this piece of news, which, thereafter, helped the story to gather steam. #Facebook users also pointed out that the ones who have Facebook Dating, will get a notification if any of their friends has a crush on them. It was further pointed by netizens that if a user adds someone as a Secret Crush, both would be notified.

Few people were found discussing about other announcements made by the tech-giant at its F8 conference. All-in-all, facebook was able to generate considerable proportion of positive buzz around the announcement of #secretcrush.

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