Personalized merchandise have a way of striking a chord with the with mass. Trust HBO to carry forward its engagement with the audience after the final Game of Thrones Season comes to an end, and the news is out that the American premium cable and satellite television network has collaborated with Secretlab to bring out GOT themed gaming chairs. The collaborative efforts for the launch a line of limited edition chairs saw the GOT fanatics show no dearth of enthusiasm to claims those.

Social media was thrown into a frenzy, as soon as the news broke out. Some #socialmedia users exclaimed it to be an early #Christmas #present. The social media community was found to be deliriously happy about the new offering by #Secretlab and #HBO. The particular post by Secretlab (@secretlabchairs), announcing the launch of comfortable GOT themed chairs, garnered around 1,355 retweets, 5,493 likes and 645 comments, which clearly speaks, at length, about the heightened excitement among #GOT fans.

This was a common discussion theme among males, especially within the teenage bracket. The chairs would feature symbolic details of three of the most prominent houses from the show –Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen. Many were seen mentioning, that they already wish to order their favorite theme chairs from the show. Some of them were also noted asking if there would be any #ironthrone version of chairs. Fans across the globe also enquired if the chairs are deliverable to specific countries and if there is any specific mode of payment.  

Famous artists, personalities like Rick Malambri (@RickMalambri) and reputed technology outlets  like Tsai Rox (@tsairox), TechnoBuffalo(@TechnoBuffalo) were among the others, who helped this piece of news to garner social media attention.

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