Hershey’s, one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world announced on Tuesday, May 14th, that it is planning to take on the immensely popular realm of emoji, by storm, by jumping onto the emoji-bandwagon and engraving fun emoticons on its flagship products.

Each of the pieces on the chocolate bar will have different emojis engraved on it and the limited edition bars, with 6 different emoji packing designs, are expected to hit the store shelves this summer and shall be available till back-to-school time. The brand was found stating that their main aim of engraving emojis on the chocolate was to “spark a conversation.” Some of the emojis include, smiley face, heart eyes, various laughing smileys etc. The new emoji designed bars shall only be available for the brand’s milk chocolate variant.

The launch of this new feature spiked conversation volumes, in the order of more than 1K, within a very short span of time. The buzz began across all social media channels, as soon as Hershey’s broke the news about their new product innovation, on their official handle. This then saw substantial active and passive engagement, gaining 500+ retweets. The social media users were also seen expressing their excitement over this idea of evolution. Twitter was the most dominant channel, accounting for nearly 95% of the conversations.

Large number of audience were seen sharing about the new transformation that has happened for the first time in 125 years. Hershey’s fans and news channels like Entrepreneur(@Entrepreneur), Ad Age(@adage) etc. have retweeted the news, adding to the excitement and thereby creating substantial traction for the story. 

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