McDonald’s, the U.S. fast food giant, has introduced vegan burgers in Germany as part of its menu spread. In Scandinavia, McDonald’s had already introduced a vegan burger. The new vegan snack, named ‘Big Vegan TS’, is the first vegan burger by the brand in Germany. The new launch marks the coming together of two global brands – McDonald’s and Nestlé.

People voiced their astonishment about this piece of news as only a year back, the brand had denied having any future plans of launching a #veganburger in Germany. Some were seen pointing out how Nestlé is at the helm of producing the #meatless vegan patty for the burger. Many were noted speaking about how the vegan variant offered by the brand tastes exactly like meat.

Many people mentioned that they are #excited about the launch of the new vegan burgers and can’t wait to taste them in the US. Some #McD loyalists seemed glad that the brand has initiated the vegan burger option. Few social media dwellers were curious about when they could taste the same in the U.S.

Major news outlets like CNN Business (@CNNBusiness), USA Today (@USATODAYmoney) etc. brought enough attention to this piece of report, which was then retweeted by others. Large number of audience retweeted that #BigVeganTS will soon be available in McDonald’s Germany.

 TicToc by Bloomberg (@tictoc) tweeted about McDonald’s carrying out a trial run of the vegan burger in Germany. This was retweeted over a large number of times and had large proportions of both active and passive engagement. Industry insiders like Pauly Parker (@Pauly_Official) also actively spoke about the same on social media.

The social media community also pointed out how the plant based protein #trend is growing rapidly across the globe, as consumers are trying to make healthier choices for themselves, thereby trying to reduce negative environmental footprint.

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