Walmart‘s AI Based Store - Answer to Amazon Go?

Walmart, the multinational convenience store brand, has opened the doors of an AI based store to public. The first of its kind, the store has come up in Levittown, New York. This might well be the retail giant’s answer to Amazon’s “no checkout” Go stores, launched a few months back. 

Technology outlets were among the foremost ones to break the news. The story then caught the attention of industry experts who immediately started voicing their opinion about the same on #socialmedia. Many posted their opinion about #Walmart’s #AI based stores and a lot of consumer excitement was recorded around visiting these #smartstores.

Some of the popular themes that emerged from these discussions revolved around #automation taking away jobs, ever inflating cost of housing, greater challenges for common man to sustain in these conditions. There was a shared paranoia on social media about shrinking job market for individuals. However, some were keen to point out the cost escalation that AI based workforce would involve as compared to human workforce. The news was also seen as a movement towards opening up of newer technological horizons and thus had substantial number of buoyant consumers, waiting to savor the new shopping experience.

Overall, social media fraternity resonated with the idea that, ‘the war between Walmart (@Walmart)  and Amazon (@amazon) is alive and well’. People also seemed to be keen to watch out for the showdown between the two retail outfits and  who will be able to scale the AI retail first – Walmart or Amazon.

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