Starbucks reinvents itself this summer, unveiling a brand new summer drink called the Dragon Drink. The new smoothie by the brand would be available across all its stores in the US from April 30th, 2019.

Social media was abuzz with excitement around the new launch. People were happy that the launch was just in time, as summer is on its way and a refreshing drink would certainly make life much easier. Few connected the product with the launch of Game of Thrones, which is also running its final season, at this time. The social media community was deliriously happy about this venture by #Starbucks with customers gleefully mentioning about having already tried the new drink.

Enthusiasm around #Pinkdragon was noted, as Starbucks loyalists, who already had a taste of the new drink started recommending others to try it out by tagging them in the comments chain. Few also pointed how the new #hotpink drink is actually a customer suggestion, made last summer. Many were recorded pointing out that the secret ingredient in the newly launched smoothie is actually coconut milk.

Some people commented on the various aspects of the drink like the smell, its taste, and color. Many talked about the hot pink color of the drink. Few associated the smell of the drink with a bubblegum.

Twitter pages dedicated to #veganism also spread the awareness that Starbucks has added #vegan “Dragon Drink” to their menu.

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