The stage is set for a sojourn down the memory lane as Nintendo, the Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video games company announced the launch date of the famous 90’s video game, Super Mario Maker 2. The worldwide release on June 28, 2019 is bound to tickle mass nostalgia.

The upcoming side-scrolling platform game caught the excitement of gaming enthusiasts across the globe and garnered a lot of social media attention. Over the past 24 hours, social media buzz around Super Mario Maker 2 saw volumes of around 5K mentions. The #socialmedia space was rife with the buzz that the new game takes the original #Super Mario and premises it within the ambit of modern day life. Online gamers took to social media, using hashtags such as  #SuperMarioMaker2 and #NintendoSwitch to post their opinions about Super Mario Maker launch.

Some users opined that with all the changes, the revamped new offering is sure to catch the imagination of the larger mass. Avid gamers speculated the inclusion of some tools and other features, which needless to say, would take the likeability quotient of the #retro game up by many notches. Few fans were also found tweeting, with excitement, about Nintendo’s launch offer of handing out switch touch pens with all Super Mario Maker 2 pre-orders in Japan.

Influential gaming websites, blogs, and entertainment news portals like Engadget (@engadget), Game Informer(@gameinformer), Variety(@Variety), etc. posted their initial thoughts about the #classic game, thereby driving commendable excitement around this piece of story.

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