Avengers: Endgame, the last installment of Marvel Studios’ Avengers franchisee literally took the cine-going industry by storm, whipping up revenues close to $1.2 billion worldwide for the opening weekend, thereby emerging as the numero uno movie in nearly 54 countries. Footfalls in the multiplexes have not reduced for a single show, irrespective of the show timing. Industry experts, gushing about the success of the film, were reportedly noted saying that they don’t see this trend ceasing anytime soon.

The movie is running to packed houses across the globe. The #Marvel #superhero extravaganza is reported to have collected a record-breaking $350 million in the United States and Canada in the opening weekend, zooming past “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (2015) which previously topped the opening weekend box-office collection charts. A statement by Megan Colligan, President of Imax Filmed Entertainment, was noted telling The New York Times, that, “it shows the power of theaters — the ability, even in a hyper-fragmented culture, to deliver to a wildly big communal experience.”

As soon as the Avengers: Endgame released, fans couldn’t stop sharing their reviews on social media, thereby triggering volumes of about 863K, over the weekend. Most of the movie-goers loved watching the movie and were also found proclaiming it to be the #best Marvel movie ever. Some were also seen pouring their gratitude to the creator, Stan Lee . The movie director, the Russo Brothers, also garnered substantial social media attention. Captain America was identified as the most talked about superhero.

Social media went berserk post the release of the movie, as there was a mad scramble of people giving out first hand spoilers of #Avengers #Endgame, only to be chided by the other spectrum of social media users, who were yet to make it to the movie auditoriums. A few also spoke about the emotional journey that the #superhero characters made over the years which finally drew to a close. Fans also shared heartfelt condolences for some of their favorite superheroes who end their journey in the movie.

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